Guest Artist - Sarah Schwerin

Darkroom Door - Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sarah_photoName: Sarah Schwerin


Zodiac Sign: Aquarius


Lives: Sydney, NSW, Australia.


Known for:
* Being mischievous, hating housework, and having to have everything RIGHT NOW! LOL!!
* Design Team Member for Scrapbook Savvy
* Owner and operator of "Inkurable Stampers" - The Aussie Stamping Challenge Blog.
* You may have seen my layouts published in Scrapbooking Memories, For Keeps Creative Scrapbooking, and Scrapbooking Basics.
* You may have seen my card projects published in Australian Papercrafts Magazine. (One of my cards is on the cover of the May Edition in stores now).


Blog, website or gallery:       
* My Creative Existence Blog
* Inkurable Stampers Challenge Blog
* Scrapbook Savvy Gallery


Loves to:
Take photos; create art - whether it be scrapbooking, cardmaking, or other projects; visit inspirational blogs; watch DVD's on the couch; sleep in; and spend time with my family. And Im always up for a challenge, so I often enter online scrapbooking and papercraft challenges.


Loves to create:
I love giving anything a go! I love learning new techniques and trying different styles. I've been doing more stamping recently, and am very taken by the collage and art stamping stuff I've seen lately. As long as it's papercrafts, I love it!


Favourite Darkroom Door product:
Oooh! That's a hard one! I love it all! LOL! I really like the Full Bloom Montage, and I LOVE the stamps - and if I had to pick one favourite I don't think I could! I have three sets so far - "Wildflower", "Little Dreams" and "Full Bloom Vol1" but I will probably end up buying the rest! Especially after I see all the gorgeous projects from the other Darkroom Designers!


Have you ever been in a darkroom?
Yes! I did photography in Year 11 of High School and I loved it! I was often in there at lunch time working on projects.  I didn't do it in year 12 for my HSC because I didn't think our teacher / equipment was good enough to get me the marks I wanted. Now that I'm a scrapbooker, I really wish I studied it further! LOL!


Let’s say you’re invited to come into our darkroom for a day. What would you bring with you?
OMG I'd just about die if I could come there! LOL! That would be awesome!
I'd bring my full attention! I could learn sooooo much there! A note pad and pen would come in handy so I could remember everything (because I'd be so overwhelmed at actually being there I wouldn't be able to retain much info!!). And, I'd have to bring some film to develop the "old fashioned way"! I'd also bring my digital SLR too to get some shots before the lights went out! And I'd bring chocolate - to keep the hostess happy! LOL!!


Are you afraid of the dark?
A little! Not in my own house - I often walk through the house at night in the dark with no problems. But if I were at someone else's house I would be scared silly!  Something about unfamiliar surroundings. I'd be terrified if I ever came across anything ghostlike or "paranormal" but I think I'm more afraid of the real people that might jump out at me than the dead ones! LOL! I'd be scared outdoors too - I would hate to go camping or anything like that. I'm a city girl, so it is never really very dark, so I'm not too scared outside here, but if I were in the woods or on a farm or something I'd be petrified! Too many scary movies I think!


Sarah has created so many cool projects with detailed instructions, so we'll add some of them here now and we'll then add a project here every day for the next few days! So keep checking back to see what she has created! First up, here's some cards and an ATC, along with Sarah's instructions for how she created the piece.


Passion, Destiny, Love:




* Darkroom Door Full Bloom Photochip
* Darkroom Door Venetian paper - San Marco
* Darkroom Door Venetian Wordstrips
* Tim Holtz Distress Ink
* Lace, Bazzill cardstock

Mount the "San Marco" paper onto bazzill cardstock, and sew around it haphazardly with both zig zag and straight stitching. Wrap the lace around it and dye with distress ink. The whole piece was glued to the card base, so as not to have any stitching on the inside of the card.
Cut the photochip to size and sponge with distress ink, then scratch into it with a paper piercer to create a border which is also sponged with distress inks. Mount it onto bazzill cardstock and then onto the cardfront using double sided foam mounting tape. The Wordstrips were also sponged with Distress Inks.


Create Art:




* Darkroom Door Venetian Paper - San Marco, Ti Amo, Rialto
* Darkroom Door Venetian Wordstrips
* Darkroom Door Ladies Photobooth
* Darkroom Door script stamp from "Little Dreams" set.
* Ranger Crackle Accents
* LYM gem brads
* Collections ATC base
* Collections chipboard body
* German Scrap wing

Cut the 'Ti Amo' paper to ATC size and stamp background using the script stamp.
Cut a piece from the 'Rialto' paper and use it as a border across the bottom.
Cover the chipboard bodice with 'San Marco' paper and coat it with Crackle Accents. I also used the crackle accents at the bottom of the ATC.
Tint the words with Distress Ink to give them a more subtle colour.
Cut around the Photobooth lady's head and mount it to the card with double sided foam mounting tape.
I used metallic rubons to highlight the detail in the wings.


Thank you Sarah for sharing your amazing projects with us!


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Love what you have created

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