Guest Artist - Jill Geraghty Groves Part 3

Darkroom Door - Friday, November 13, 2009

We have another fantastic project from Jill to share with you.... this one is a fabric mini book! It's so cool... check it out:




Isn't it divine? Here's what Jill had to share with us about it:


I have stamped the bike image from the Enjoy Life stamp set, embossed it and distressed it using Distress Inks before stitching it onto fabric to become the cover. I have also stamped the quote 'Enjoy Life' on some ribbon and attached it vertically to make the "title" of the album, added some dyed lace and voila instant minibook.


Inside I have distressed tags (my favourite!) and when dry, stamped the images using watermark ink so people can just see the messages (all from the Enjoy Life stamp set) I have then stitched a little frame around each tag so as to highlight the area.


Here are some more images of the book:










Amazing huh! So colourful and vibrant and full of yummy texture. Thanks Jill for being a fabulous Guest Artist and for taking the time to share your artwork with us!!!!


Don't forget to check out Jill's blog to see what else she's been working on and to see more of her fab art!

Guest Artist - Jill Geraghty Groves

Darkroom Door - Thursday, October 15, 2009
Jilly  Name: Jill Geraghty-Groves

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Lives: Brisbane

Known for: Hmmmm.... jury's still out on that one.


Loves to:Laugh, stay home and make art, take photos, be with my family and friends, eat chocolate!

Loves to create:
Anything and everything!  I love to find treasures and turn them into pieces of art!

Favourite Darkroom Door product: Wow - tough questions.  The entire Prague collection is divine...I could actually eat it!  I also adored the photochips and the filmstrips.

Let’s say you’ve been invited to come into our darkroom for a day. What would you bring with you?  Distress Inks, Embossing powders, burly young men (or vampires?) to hold Rachel back while I cleared the place LOL!




We're so excited to have Jill as our Guest Artist! Her work is so detailed, textural, inked up.... just wait till you see the projects she has to show! Here is the first one:


Wall Hangy Thingy (even love her names!)



Darkroom Door Prague Photochips
Darkroom Door Prague Wordstrips
Darkroom Door Essentials 4 Collection Enjoy Life Rubber Stamps
7 Gypsies Patterned paper
Ranger Distress Inks
Ranger Embossing Powder
Vintage Buttons
Wooden skewers










Here's some instructions from Jill:


  • Scrunch up delicious photochips and "weather" using Distress Ink, water and sandpaper.
  • On a strip of old calico, lay layers of distressed papers and dyed muslin (again Distress Inks and waterspray!) and place weathered photochips at regular intervals.
  • Using your sewing machine, attached photochips using a straight stitch, treating just like you would fabric.
  • Make a loop through the top of wallhanging and insert three or four skewers tied to together (or even a funky twig!).
  • If available, add some vintage buttons to enhance the character.
  • Hang on wall and make your room look gorgeous!!!


How awesome is this project?!!! My jaw hit the floor when I first saw this... absolutely adore it! Thanks so much Jill for sharing your talents with us!!


We'll be sharing more of Jill's projects over the next couple of weeks... so stay tuned!


Unlock the artist within!

Guest Artist - Melissa Phillips Part 2

Darkroom Door - Monday, September 21, 2009

Not only am I loving the cards that Melissa Phillips has created with our product, but am loving how they are photographed too! Check this one out:


Live life card:






Stamps:  Wildflowers Vol. 2
Filmstrips:  Full Bloom


Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing Melissa!

Guest Artist - Melissa Phillips

Darkroom Door - Sunday, September 20, 2009


Melissa Phillips

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Lives: in the beautiful high mountain desert of Southern Nevada, USA

Known for: My love of all things shabby... and then of course piling these beloved items on cards... buttons, vintage trims, layers of book print, vintage sheet music, glitter, acrylic paint, chipboard, and of course a bit of tea-stained twill as well.


Loves to:Bake, bake, bake, decorate, quilt, read, be a mama, be a wife, be at home...

Loves to create:
Handmade gifts... something freshly baked, packaged up pretty, with a matching card... my first love is cards of course, and mini albums or layouts with my sweet little bean are always a love of mine.

Favourite Darkroom Door product: I don't think I could ever choose, but I have fallen for the Wildflowers Vol 2, Journal and Yuletide Vol 2 stamp sets. 

Let’s say you’ve been invited to come into our darkroom for a day. What would you bring with you?  An empty suitcase... I'd have to take a bit of everything home with me... Darkroom Door photos are so beautiful and versatile... I'm hooked. 


We are so proud and honored to have Melissa join us as a Guest Artist! I'm a huge fan of her work and I'm so pleased she's had a play with Darkroom Door product. ... the projects are simply divine!!! We'll be sharing a bunch of projects over the next few days that Melissa has created... you'll be inspired for sure! Here's the first one...


Create Joy Card




Stamps:  Wildflowers Vol. 2
Montage:  Viva la Flora
Wordstrips: Viva la Flora
Tag: Buff Size 8


Isn't this card delicious! I love the texture and layering... Thanks Melissa!


We'll be featuring Melissa's projects for the rest of the month... hurrah! Be prepared to be inspired!!!!


Unlock the artist within!

Happy Father's Day Card

Darkroom Door - Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Just a quick card to share with you today for Father's Day!




Stamps: Vintage Automobiles DDRS033, All Occasions DDRS035 (happy father's day), Venetian Vol 2 (Background)
Inks: Distress Dusty Concord; Peeled Paint (background), Archival Olive (stamps)

Enjoy Life - Take a Ride

Darkroom Door - Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hi stampers! Rachel here with a card using the I Enjoy Life stamp set!




Stamps: Little Dreams (text), Enjoy Life (Bike image, Enjoy)
Marvy Le Plume II Pens: 68 Daffodil Yellow (bike), 27 Olive Brown (tree branch), 13 Ochre (Door), 38 Oyster Grey (Path), 46 Crimson Lake (seat and guards on bike), 24 Beige (Bricks)
Ink: Archival Jet Black.

Enjoy Life Rubber Stamps

Darkroom Door - Friday, July 31, 2009

So the last stamp set we have to show this week is the Enjoy Life rubber stamps:




The images from this set are from the Netherlands and Denmark - two places where we loved riding our bikes to explore the cities and landscape. The quotes are all about enjoying life (of course!!), meeting up with friends, staying young, letting the wind rush through your hair...


Here's a couple of samples I've made:




The bike image was stamped onto an alcohol ink background (Butterscotch & Lettuce) using Jet Black ink. Mounted onto black then fawn cardstock and adhered to a folded rosey card. Stamped 'Enjoy Life' and cut them into separate words. Mounted onto black cardstock and adhered to the card with foam adhesive. 


Here's another card:




I stamped this bike image on an alcohol ink background (same as last card: Butterscotch and Lettuce). Then mounted onto Burgundy cardstock, then black. Tied some ribbon around the left side and adhered to a folded brown card. Stamped the quote onto the alcohol ink background, mounted to black cardstock and adhered to the card with foam adhesive.


And here's an ATC using that same stamp:




This was stamped onto an alcohol inked background that I had left over from previous projects. I can't recall the exact inks used, but there is some Metallic Copper in there. Looks yummy in real life. I stamped the bike image, trimmed it down and mounted onto some green cardstock, then onto black cardstock. Stamped the quote onto some more of the alcohol ink background and trimmed each word separately. Adhered them over the stamped image. Mounted the entire panel onto a brown ATC base.


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All Occasions Rubber Stamps

Darkroom Door - Thursday, July 30, 2009

Today I'm showing you the All Occasions stamp set:




How's this for value? There's 47 stamps on this set! How many times have you wanted to make a card but didn't have the right sentiment? Look no further - or as my 8 yr old son would say 'problem solved'! I wanted to do a set that includes the most popular occasions I could think of, with a few little picture stamps to make it even more useful and fun. This would be an essential set to have in everyone's stamp collection, I know I'll be using it over and over!


The sentiments from the All Occasions stamp set can be combined with any picture stamp from other sets, but for today's samples, I wanted to show you how you can create cards using JUST this stamp set. Here's the first sample:




See the small candle stamp on the stamp set? I used this one stamp to make a row of candles. I used Marvy Le Plume II pens to it ink up as it was a lot easier using the pens rather than big inkpads. The flame was coloured with 43 Brilliant Yellow, and the base of the candle was coloured with (from left to right): 97 Apple Green, 46 Crimson Lake, 100 Sapphire, 96 Jungle Green, 49 Vermilion, 31 Pale Violet. I stamped Happy Birthday underneath in Jet Black ink. Trimmed the white cardstock, mounted onto Sweetheart cardstock and wrapped white ribbon around the bottom. Mounted onto green cardstock, added some photo corners and attached to a folded Sweetheart card!

Here's an ATC:




I stamped the tiny little heart using pink ink onto light pink cardstock. The cardstock measured 2" x 3" and 5 hearts fitted perfectly from left to right, with 7 rows. I stamped one of the hearts in white just to give it a focal point! Mounted it onto black then white cardstock. Stamped 'love' onto pink cardstock with Jet Black ink, mounted onto black cardstock and wrapped ribbon around the right hand side. Adhered to white cardstock and onto the ATC!


Here's some other ideas for using this stamp set:


  • Stamp the flowers in different colours all over a background to make a garden of flowers. Stamp any sentiment on top!
  • The base of the candle (or the arrow) could be used to create a 'house' - like bricks. Use 'new home' for the sentiment!
  • Combine the sentiments from any of our other stamp sets. For instance, use Happy Father's Day from this set with the Vintage Automobiles. Or Happy Mother's Day with any of our flower sets! Really, the options are endless...


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Wildflower Vol 2 Rubber Stamps

Darkroom Door - Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Today we are sharing projects using the Wildflower Vol 2 Stamp set:




More wildflowers from my morning walks! We've included a few clusters of flowers too for something different to our other stamp sets. See the long stemmed cluster in the bottom left corner? I see them every morning at our school bus stop and I've always thought they'd make a great stamp! And I was right... check out this card using that stamp:




This was created by stamping the stems using Brilliance Moonlight White ink onto the light pink cardstock. I stamped it three times to create a bigger cluster of stems. I stamped the butterfly from the Wildflowers Vol 1 stamp set in the top right corner. Mount onto green cardstock and wrap ribbons around the bottom and tie at the front. I stamped the 'Carefree' word using Adirondack Raisin ink. Adhere completed panel to a Sweetheart Bazzill folded card to complete!


Here's another card:




This card is created using Stampbord and Alcohol inks. Firstly, cover the Stampbord with a combination of TerraCotta, Lettuce, Red Pepper and Butterscotch Alcohol Inks. Stamp flower with Jet Black ink. Allow to dry. Stampbord is a clay based product that can be scratched to reveal white underneath. I scratched the right hand side of the flowers to give them highlights. Adhere the Stampbord to green then orange cardstock. Attach to a folded green card. Stamp words and attach to the card as shown.


Here's some other ideas for using this stamp set:


  • Stamp the flowers repeatedly without re-inking to give a shadow effect. This creates a whole field of flowers!
  • Ink the flowers using a colour for the petals and green for the stems to give a more realistic look. For the smaller flowers, use a fine tip pen like Marvy Le Plume II to get into the smaller areas easily.
  • Combine a variety of flowers from the stamp set to create a field of different flowers.


Here's lastly, here's an ATC:




Simple ATC using the Brushless Watercolour technique. I used Caramel, Raisin and Meadow Adirondack Inks to ink up the stamp, then sprizted the stamp with water and stamped onto watercolour cardstock. Dry with heat tool. Then stamped the words over the top using Jet Black ink. Adhere to red cardstock then black cardstock. Added some german scrap to complete. Simple and fun :)


Unlock the artist within!

Vintage Automobiles Rubber Stamps

Darkroom Door - Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Today we are sharing projects using the Vintage Automobiles Rubber Stamps:




Here's a stamp set for all the guys! My Great Grandfather owned a series of T-Fords and my Grandfather has fond memories of driving around in them. Apparently a few days after my Grandfather was born, he was brought home in one of these cars. He still has that car in his shed today :)


Here's some ideas on how to use this stamp set:


  • The automobiles are in two different sizes. A larger size, perfect for cards or layouts, and a smaller size perfect for ATC's, Tags, Gift Cards or smaller embellishments. Mix and match for your own needs!
  •  We've added the 'hill' quotes as a fun birthday greeting. You could stamp the 'Over the hill?' quote on the outside of the card and the 'Just remember' quote would work well on the inside too!
  • The 'Old Friends' quote is great for... friends!! Likewise the journey quote could be used for any occasion - travel, bon voyage, general life. With all of these quotes it makes it a versatile set for different occasions.
  • While the vintage images look great in vintage colours such as brown & black, they would also look great stamped in red, blue, and other more contemporary colours for other generations!
  • Combine the images with the 'Happy Father's Day' sentiment from the All Occasions stamp set! (or any other occasion that suits!)


Here's a card I created using this stamp set:




I stamped the convertible onto Fawn cardstock with Black Ink, then mounted it onto green and brown cardstock. Inked the edges with Sepia ink. Stamp the quote onto Fawn cardstock with black ink. Mount onto brown cardstock and ink the edges. I've used Esplori paper from the Venetian Collection as a background - I think the map works well! Wrapped some ribbon around the right side, and adhered it all as shown.


Here's a quick and easy artist trading card:




I stamped the quote (a little crooked!) with Black ink on fawn cardstock. Then stamped the smaller automobiles with sepia ink. I stamped them first onto scrap paper, then onto the fawn cardstock so they were lighter. Ink the edges with sepia ink, adhered to black then red cardstock. Added some german scrap to complete!


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