Guest Artist - Gillian Hamilton Part 3

Darkroom Door - Saturday, January 17, 2009

Continuing on with our guest artist Gillian Hamilton, here's another fabulous journal! Feast your eyes on this one!


Moleskin Journal ~ Dance like no one is watching


Darkroom Door supplies:
12x12 Paper ~ Legato, Allegro, San Marco
Rubber Stamps ~ DDRS012 Chorus, DDRS011 Melody, DDRS019 Ornate Elements

other requirements
Moleskin Journal, collections Elements Chipboard House, Versafine Onyx Black ink pad, Black ribbon, Vintage Lace, Antique Mother of Pearl Button, Black thread, sewing machine, Glue Stick, PVA Glue, Black Stranded Embroidery Thread, Double sided tape


Method of construction ~ house

  • Using a Glue Stick completely cover the chipboard house with glue
    stick glue side down onto the wrong side of Allegro Printed Paper (on the 'unpatterned' part of the paper) Roll over with your Brayer (or rolling pin) this really helps the glue work better at holding the paper and gets rid of any glue lumps or air bubbles.
    Trim the edges with a pair of scissors, and file excess off with a large nail file
  • Mask the 'house' part of the chipboard house with a piece of scrap paper, leaving only the roof section exposed, Ink the Large Flourish stamp from DDRS019 with black ink and stamp the 'roof' section of the house.
  • Ink the Lady from DDRS011 with black in and stamp on the 'house' section (she makes the most elegant corner)
    Stamp the 'Dance like no one is watching' Stamp from DDRS011 onto a scrap from your Allegro Printed paper,  hand trim with scissors and ink in the black ink.
  • Adhere it to the house using a glue stick, cover with a clean piece of scrap paper and brayer the piece you have just glued on.
  • Ink up the small flourish from DDRS012 and stamp Repeatedly down the opposite side of the house to the lady and along the bottom edge until you meet up with the bottom of the lady stamp.
    Stamping over the edge of the 'Dance like no one is watching' piece.
    This is a fabulous stamp, for this purpose, make sure you reink it each time you stamp with it so the pattern remains consistant in colour.
  • Ink the outside edge of the house in Black ink
  • Using PVA glue, lightly glue some German Scrap Small Scallope border inbetween the roof and the house section.
  • Using your sewing machine, stitch with black thread around the inside edge of the house.
  • Take a beautiful button that you love, Glue it in place using a small amount of PVA glue
    Using a sewing awl or large bodkin needle, and using the button holes as a guide poke the holes so you can sew the button on.  I know the button has been glued on already, but it really looks so much nicer if you take the 2 minutes to sew it on as well.
  • Put the house to the side for the moment.


Covering the Journal

  • Take Your Moleskin Journal or something similar.
  • We are just going to be adhering the paper to the top, Using your glue stick, cover the entire top of the journal with glue, and also the spine.
  • Put the journal glueside down onto the back of the Legato printed paper (make sure you have the paper the right way up!) Rub it with your hand, to make sure you have no lumps or creases.
  • Rub the back side of the journal now with the glue stick, remember to check that the spine has glue too.... and carefully flip the journal over so that both sides are now covered with paper. roughly trim the excess paper off.
  • Using your brayer, give the journal a rub over, so that the glue works well on the cover.
  • Not too close to the spine however, because we don't want to crease it.
  • AVOID opening the cover too much while the glue is drying.
  • Take a 8cm strip of San Marco Printed Paper, using your glue stick completely cover the back of it and adhere it to the journal as shown. trim the excess off
  • Using some double sided tape, tape some flat 4cm wide lace onto the San marco Paper.
  • Then using more double sided tape adhere some Black ribbon onto the top of the lace (covering where the double sided tape is, so you can't see it) Allowing enough length for tying your bow at the side of your journal.
  • Stitch a little of the way along the length of the ribbon on the front and back of the journal just to hold it securely.
  • Then Stitch along the sides of the journal just where the San Marco Paper is both on the front and back.
  • Using PVA Glue, Adhere the house to the Journal, and weigh it down with some heavy books to set the glue and make sure it attaches nicely.
  • Tie your bow at the side of the journal.



Fantastic Gillian! You're rockin' those stamps and papers!!

Please drop by again tomorrow to see Gillian's final project :)

Guest Artist - Gillian Hamilton

Darkroom Door - Thursday, January 15, 2009

GillianName: Gillian Hamilton

Zodiac sign: Libra

Lives: Port Macquarie NSW Australia

Known for: My Faith, Love of family, Collector of many things, History Buff, silly sense of humour!

Etsy Store:

Loves to: Pack a picnic and hop in the car with my family and just drive till we find somewhere nice to stop, no phone, no emails, no time restraints ~ it's Just us together!

Loves to create:
on a daily basis, I have this driving passion inside me that has to be released!
It doesn't matter really if it's a Stamping project, a piece of jewellery, sitting with my daughter making something with her or even cooking a delicious casserole.As long as I can enjoy the process of creating in one of it's many forms, I feel very satisfied :)

Favourite Darkroom Door product: Rubber Stamps

Have you ever been in a darkroom? Yes, I used to work in an Art and Craft Supply shop in my Home town of Inverell NSW.  Which had a Darkroom because my Boss was a Photographer.
I used to take Passport Photo's for our customers, we used a fabulous 4 lens Polaroid Camera, which took 4 photo's at once, and we'd duck into the darkroom and wait for the photo's to develop and trim them, it was kind of 'mysterious' to the customers, as we'd take their photo with this rather odd looking camera, then disappear into the darkroom and come back out in a few minutes with their 4 little photo's, this was in days before Digital Camera's.

Let’s say you’ve been invited to come into our darkroom for a day. What would you bring with you?  Chocolate :)

Are you afraid of the dark? Only if I don't have my husband with me :)

Moleskin Journal ~ Remember to Take Time to Laugh


Darkroom Door Materials:
 12x12 Paper ~ San Marco, Legato, Allegro, Music Gazette, Ti Amo
Rubber Stamps ~ DDRS011 Melody, DDRS019 Ornate Elements
Wordstrips ~ Venetian
Gentlemen Photobooth

other requirements
moleskin journal, collections elements chipboard house, black ribbon, rusty pickle alphabet brads, vintage optical lens, brass crown, walnut ink, versafine onyx black ink pad, Glue stick, PVA glue, E6000 glue, sinamay ribbon, sewing machine and black thread

Method of construction ~ house

  • Using a glue stick, cover the house with glue
  • Tear printed paper making sure it doesn't have a white edge and adhere to the house.
  • I used Music Gazette for the main part of the house, a small strip of San Marco near the roof,  Ti Amo & Legato on the roof.
  • I also put a little piece of sinamay ribbon amongst the paper near the roof (just to add a bit fo dimension)
  • Once you are happy with your Collaged Background, use a brayer or rolling pin on your piece, this helps adhese the paper together.
  • Cut a piece of the sinamay a little wider than the house, and cut off one of the sewn edges to avoid bulk later on.  Position it at the bottom of the house with the sewn edge that is remaining on the bottom edge of the house.  fold the edges over to the back of the house and tape down with double sided tape.
  • Tear another piece of San Marco about 3cm wide (with NO white edges), apply glue using the glue stick to the back of this piece and adhere over the 'cut edge' of the sinamay and the Music Gazette paper.
  • Stitch down the edges of the San Marco paper if you would like in random fashion (this is optional.) You can also stitch the edges of the other layers if you like.
  • Tie a piece of black ribbon around the house on top of the San Marco paper making the knot at the front for embellishment.
  • Stitch around the inside edge of the house, and ink the edges with black ink.
  • Take your 'Frame' Stamp from the DDRS019 set, and stamp with black ink onto a clear part on Allegro Printed Paper.  Stamp the 'Take time to Laugh' stamp from the DDRS011 set into the centre of the frame.
  • Trim around the outside edge of the frame you have just stamped and using your glue stick, adhere it to a piece of chipboard or heavy cardstock.  Trim around the edge and ink the edges.
  • Usinge PVA glue, glue the frame over the top of the ribbon on the house.
  • Antique the word 'Remember' using Walnut Ink.  Adhere it to the house and attach the alphabet brads.
  • Trim around the Photobooth image so that it sits under the optical lens (you could use a small scrapbooking embellishment frame) glue the image onto the house using PVA glue and then the Lens using E6000 glue or another strong adhesive like liquid nails.  Attach the crown.
  • Ink around the outside edge of the house.
  • Set it aside for the moment.



Covering the Journal

  • Take Your Moleskin Journal or something similar.
  • We are just going to be adhering the paper to the top, Using your glue stick, cover the entire top of the journal with glue, and also the spine.
  • Put the journal glueside down onto the back of the printed paper (make sure you have the paper the right way up!) Rub it with your hand, to make sure you have no lumps or creases.
  • Rub the back side of the journal now with the glue stick, remember to check that the spine has glue too.... and carefully flip the journal over so that both sides are now covered with paper. roughly trim the excess paper off.
  • Using your brayer, give the journal a rub over, so that the glue works well on the cover.
  • Not too close to the spine however, because we don't want to crease it.
  • AVOID opening the cover too much while the glue is drying.
  • when dry, lay the house onto the journal and position some ribbon where the ribbon is on your house. we want to make a tie to fasten the journal, and it looks great if it lines up with the ribbon already on your house.
  • Put the house aside once more.
  • using double sided tape attach the ribbon on the front and back, leaving enough length to tie a bow to close the journal when it is finish.
  • Stitch around the inside edge of the top, side and bottom of the journal on the front and back (this is optional, but it will hold your ribbon in place and it will also keep the paper from lifting at the also adds a nice 'finishing touch'.  Ink around the outside edge of the journal with black ink.
  • Using PVA Glue, Attach your house to the Journal, Lining up the ribbon on the house to the Tying Ribbon.  Weigh down while the glue dries with a couple of heavy books.
  • and you are done :)



Fantastic project Gillian!!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. For all the blog readers out there, Gillian has been busy and we have about 4 days worth of arty goodness to share, so please remember to keep coming back to check out what she's been up to!! Pure art I tell you! Yum yum!

Until tomorrow...

Unlock the artist within!

Guest Artist - Sephi Kemp Part 3

Darkroom Door - Monday, November 17, 2008

So who's enjoying Sephi's projects? I'm just LOVING them!! We have two more projects to share here today...

Music Is:

Music is 01 


•    Photochips: Darkroom Door #DDPC003 Music
•    Wordstrips: Darkroom Door #DDWS003 Music
•    Paper: Darkroom Door #DDPP009 Legato
•    Card: Bazzill Vineyard, Stonehenge
•    Copper polka dot ribbon
•    Copper brads
•    Double-sided tape
•    Double-sided mounting foam


1.    Tear a square slightly smaller than the dimensions of the photochip in the centre of Allegro paper. Distress the edges of the paper with sandpaper.
2.    Adhere the photochip to the centre of Vineyard card and position the Allegro paper over the top so that the photochip shows through the torn window.
3.    Tie copper ribbon around the bottom of the card and affix three copper brads to the photochip. Cut and adhere the sentiment “Music is an Outburst of the Soul” from the Music Wordstrip.
4.    Layer on folded Stonehenge card.

Music is 02

Music is 03

Peer Gynt Suite ATC

ATC peer gynt-suite 01 


•    Stamps: Darkroom Door #DDRS012 Chorus
•    Paper: Darkroom Door #DDPP010 Allegro
•    Ink: StazOn Jet Black
•    Card: cream, dark blue
•    Glitter glue
•    Coloured pencils
•    Sandpaper
•    Double-sided tape


1.    Lightly distress the edges of Allegro paper with sandpaper and adhere to dark blue card.
2.    Stamp Peer Gynt-Suite from the Chorus set on cream card using Jet Black ink.
3.    Colour the image with coloured pencils and add highlights with glitter glu. Adhere to the ATC base using double-sided tape.

ATC peer gynt-suite 02

ATC peer gynt-suite 03

So that is the final project from Sephi this time... I'm sad it's over to quickly!! We have enjoyed having her as a Guest Artist SO much!!! Please check out her blog for more incredible inspiration. Sephi is also on the Design Team for The Stamping Queen, so please check out the gallery over there too! The Stamping Queen stock a lot of Darkroom Door product, so please support them if you're keen for a bit of shopping!! :)

Thanks Sephi for sharing your fabulous work with us this week. I have admired your work for such a long time, so it has been wonderful to see how you have used DD product. Three days of different collections and different styles... you certainly are a master with rubber stamps! We thank you!

Unlock the artist within!

Guest Artist - Ros Rayner Part 2

Darkroom Door - Thursday, October 02, 2008

Please enjoy more wonderful projects by Ros Rayner...

An Orchestral Rehearsal:


Darkroom Door: Harmony Rubber Stamps, Music Wordstrips, Legato Patterned Paper
Distress ink: Walnut Stain, Tattered Rose
Brilliance ink: Coffee Bean
Other: Vellum, eyelets, shrink plastic, copper wire, beads.
Vintage Image: Nancy Dooren

1) Distress the edges of patterned paper square and a vintage photo with Distress Ink Walnut Stain.This great image from Nancy Dooren has a pinkish background, which compliments the colours in the paper. Attach the image to the paper. Mat the paper to white paper sponged with the Walnut Stain.

2) Edge 'Counting the Beat' from Music Wordstrips with Distress Ink Tattered Rose. Attach to the image.

3) Stamp music definition with Brilliance Coffee Bean on a torn piece of vellum. When dry, attach to one corner using copper eyelets.


4) Stamp violin and trumpet with Coffee Bean onto sanded opaque shrink plastic. Cut around the shape, and punch a hole at the top. Heat to shrink. I used a hot air gun. (the image above shows the original size of the violin at the bottom, and after it has been shrunk at the top)

7) Set a large eyelet in the top left hand corner of the card. Assemble the instruments using copper wire and beads.

Music Quotes Box:


Darkroom Door: Melody & Chorus Rubber Stamps
Ranger: Distress Inks (Milled Lavender, Dusty Concord), Adirondack (Wild Plum, Pink Sherbert), Archival Jet Black; Adirondack Dabbers (Snow Cap, Cloudy Blue, Purple Twilight)
Other: Wooden Box


1) Undercoat a wooden box with Snow Cap.When dry, mix together on a palette Snow Cap, a couple of drops of Purple Twilight, and a couple of drops of Cloudy Blue. Paint this on as a 2nd coat. Paint the inside of the box with Purple Twilight. Allow to dry.


2) Brayer Milled Lavender onto thick white paper. Stamp 4 sayings with Archival ink. Cut each one to the same size.


3) Sponge the edges with Pink Sherbert ink.


4) Then sponge the edges with Dusty Concord.


5) Then sponge the edges with Wild Plum. Stamp music with Pink Sherbert on top.

6) Sponge the edges of each side of the box with the Dusty Concord and Wild Plum in the same way. Not really visible on my photo! Stamp flourish in diagonal corners with Wild Plum. Allow time to dry.


7) Glue on the sayings. Varnish with mat or gloss depending on your desired finish.

Thanks Ros for sharing your artwork with us! Love the piano pens too :) You've created the perfect wooden holder for them.

Please leave a comment for Ros to help me say thanks for sharing her artwork with us! Thanks for the inspiration Ros :)

Unlock the artist within!

Guest Artist - Ros Rayner

Darkroom Door - Wednesday, October 01, 2008

RosName:  Ros Rayner

Lives: West Midlands, UK

Known for: being calm (but I don't know why!), laughing lots, being Mum to 3 wonderful kids, and being a violin teacher and freelance violinist.

Blog, website or gallery:
Loves to:
play violin, join in with stamping challenges and swaps

Loves to create:
  with stamping, and making my own backgrounds. Just love to create full stop. I'm not happy if I haven't got a project on the go.

Favourite Darkroom Door product: This has to be the whole Music

Have you ever been in a darkroom? no

Let’s say you’re invited to come into our darkroom for a day. What would you bring with you?  I would bring my camera, and ask to be taught how to use it properly - my photography leaves a lot to be desired. I can't even hold it straight!

Are you afraid of the dark?  No. It's in the dark that I think and ponder. I think of witty retorts that I could have made earlier in the day, or play through music in my head, or plan my next card.

Ros has been busy with our new Music Collection... here are some of her creations:

Artist Trading Cards:


Darkroom Door: Chorus, Melody Rubber Stamps
Ranger: Distress Ink (Scattered Straw, Tea Dye), Perfect Pearls (Gold), Archival Ink (Jet Black), Adirondack Ink (Lettuce, Willow)
Other: Water spritzer, foam tape.

1) Swipe Scattered Straw and Tea Dye Distress Inks on a craft mat. Spritz with water and press paper on. Allow to dry a little, and press again. Repeat until you like the effect. Leave to dry completely.
2) Spritz lightly with gold glimmer spray or homemade spray made up of Perfect Pearls Gold and water.

3) Stamp music from Music Collection Melody with Tea Dye

4) On another piece of paper stamp each of the sheet music covers from Music Collection Chorus with Black Archival ink twice. On one of the images sponge with Lettuce, and the other Willow.

5) Cut out the centre portions of the Lettuce coloured covers, and also required parts of the willow covers. Assemble as shown.

6) Attach sticky foam pads to the back and press onto the music background.


Aren't these great!! Ros has more great projects to share with us tomorrow, so please drop by for more Music inspiration!

Chorus & Rockstar ATC's

Darkroom Door - Thursday, August 28, 2008

Continuing on with the teaser ATC's...

Here's one made from DDRS012 Chorus in the Music Collection:


It's quite challenging doing just one ATC from the stamp set, as there's so much more to show! This set is the more arty one of all the Music sets - I love it!!

And here's an ATC created from DDRS013 Rockstar, also from the Music Collection:


This one is for all the rockers out there!

I'll be back tomorrow with more ATC's. Also - we've uploaded the new intro movie to the website, so check it out here.

(Note: If you have visited the Darkroom Door site recently, you may need to refresh your cache to see the new movie. So refresh - and enjoy!) Come back and tell me what you think!

Harmony & Melody ATC's

Darkroom Door - Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Would you like to see some of the new stamps? (silly question, huh! LOL)

Today I have started creating some samples, and will show you an ATC from each stamp set between now and Monday when the whole release will be up on the website! Sorry there are no links just yet, I'll link them up when the stamps are on the website. For now, I hope you enjoy these...

So here's ATC #1.... from stamp set DDRS010 Harmony, in the Music Collection.


The violin looks all grungey in this ATC, as it was stamped onto a manila shipping tag which soaks up and spreads the ink a little. I wanted to go for a textured antique feel. The detail in this stamp is very fine though - looks fabulous on glossy cardstock too. The Philosophy Tag by Tim Holtz fitted this ATC perfectly, here's a close up to see the tag in better detail:


ATC #2... from DDRS011 Melody, in the Music Collection:


I love this set. There's so much that can be done with it! I especially love my flute lady. Notice the ornate corners too? And the words are from a quote. Again stamped onto a manila tag, cut down and mounted onto cardstock. The laces I bought from Charlotte's Web while in Adelaide last weekend.

I look forward to sharing more ATC's with you as I create them... and keep an eye out on the website... we are uploading a new intro film tonight which will show you even more from the Music Collection.