Friends Come In All Shapes And Sizes

Darkroom Door - Wednesday, November 27, 2013
Hi all! Belinda here today to share a couple of cards I created using the Friends Quote Stamp.
For my first card, I wanted to create a vintage style card using lots of images from the Friends and Lovers Photobooth sheet.
Products used:
I cut each Photobooth image to 3.5cm x 3.5cm to make sure I could fit them all on my card front. I then sanded around all of the edges and rubbed in Vintage Photo Tim Holtz Distress Ink to give them a really aged look.
For the quote stamp, I first stamped a sewing pattern image from the Dressmaker Stamp Set all over a piece of white cardstock cut to size. I then stamped the quote over the top using Jet Black Ranger Archival Ink. I restamped the quote on another piece of white cardstock and cut out the individual letters for 'friends', 'need' and 'style' to layer over the top using 3D foam.
My second card couldn't be more different from the first. It just goes to show the versatility of the stamps!
This time I created a cheeky side step card using the Robot Collection and lots of bright colours.
I sprayed some Dylusion Ink Sprays onto smooth white cardstock to create the background for the quote. Once it was completely dry, I embossed the quote stamp over the top with black embossing powder.
I drew some speech bubbles and added cute quotes from the Robot Collection Wordstrip to make the robots come to life.
Products used:
Thanks for checking out my cards today.

Guest Artist - Lisa Pate Part 4

Darkroom Door - Monday, February 09, 2009

To finish off Lisa's week with us, she has created two layouts using the Robot Collection papers and embellishments! Check them out:





Darkroom Door Robot papers
Darkroom Door Robot Filmstrips
Darkroom Door Robot Wordstrips
Distress inks - aged photo
Sharpie Pen
Kaiser pearls
Basic Grey Chippie letters


Thanks for sharing your artwork with us this week Lisa!!! It has been truly inspiring :)

Unlock the artist within!

Guest Artist - Lisa Pate Part 2

Darkroom Door - Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Lisa has been busy with our Robot stamps! Check out these super cute bag tags...

School Bag Tags



Darkroom Door Robot Vol 2 Rubber Stamps
Darkroom Door Robot Stripes 12x12 Paper
Black Stazon
Maya Road Sheer Star Album ( pulled apart)
Jump Rings
Heat Gun
Shrink Plastic (I used rough and ready)
Making Memories Alphas

1.    Stamp two robot  images onto the rough side of the shrink plastic with black stazon ink


2.    Colour images with pencils


3.    Cut around images and punch a hole in the top


4.    use your heat gun to shrink the images ( it will curl up, just use a stamping block to squish it flat while still warm)


5.    Cut a piece of Darkroom Door Robot Stripes paper to fit the Maya Road Star and use a cropodile and eyelets to attach to the back.


6.    stamp a robot image on the star , and add childs name with the making memories alpha’s

7.    Finish with ribbons and the elastic through the top hole, use the jump rings to attach the shrunken robots to finish.


How cute are these!!! Thanks for sharing them with us Lisa - and hope your girls are enjoying them on their school bags :)

Please drop by again tomorrow to see more of Lisa's artwork!!

Guest Artist - Sephi Kemp Part 2

Darkroom Door - Sunday, November 16, 2008

Here's another two great projects from Sephi...

Hey Dude

Hey dude 01


•    Stamps: Darkroom Door #DDRS015 Robot Vol.2
•    Wordstrips: Darkroom Door #DDWS004 Robot
•    Filmstrips: Darkroom Door #DDFS007 Robot Vol.1
•    Ink: StazOn Jet Black
•    Card: Bazzill Prince Charming, Desert Marigold, Lava
•    Silver jump rings
•    Small silver spring
•    Black and white gingham ribbon
•    Red pen
•    Double-sided tape
•    Double-sided mounting foam


1.    Stamp a robot from the Robot Vol.1 set on Prince Charming card using Jet Black ink. Cut out the image and use a red pen to add highlights.
2.    Stamp stars from the Robot Vol.1 set on Desert Marigold card. Adhere the robot to the card with double-sided mounting foam. Layer the entire piece on folded Lava card.
3.    Tie black and white gingham ribbon around the spine and suspend a Robot Filmstrip and a small spring from the ribbon with jump rings.
4.    Cut the words “Hey Dude” from the Robot Wordstrip and affix to the card with double-sided tape.

Hey dude 02

Hey dude 03

I love how Sephi used the star stamps to create the background - there's so much you can do with two tiny stamps. Also love how the robot is stamped on a different colour cardstock, trimmed, and raised with foam adhesive. And love the spring!! The whole card looks cool :)

Hey Girlfriend ATC

ATC hey girlfriend 01


•    Stamps: Darkroom Door #DDRS015 Robot Vol.2
•    Paper: Darkroom Door #DDPP015 Robot Dots
•    Ink: StazOn Jet Black
•    Card: Bazzill Katy Did; white
•    Kaiser dark blue rhinestones
•    LuminArte Twinkling H2Os
•    Watercolour pencils
•    Small blue confetti stars
•    Sandpaper
•    Double-sided tape


1.    Lightly distress the edges of Robot Dots paper with sandpaper and adhere to Katy Did card.
2.    Stamp a robot from the Robot Vol.1 set on white card using Jet Black ink. Trim around the image and colour with watercolour pencils. Add a light wash of Twinkling H2Os for sparkle.
3.    Stick dark blue rhinestones over the robot’s eyes and confetti stars to her skirt.
4.    Adhere the robot to the ATC base and add the words “Hey Girlfriend” from the Robot Wordstrip.

ATC hey girlfriend 02

ATC hey girlfriend 03

How great are those rhinestones on the eyes and sequin stars on the skirt!! Love those details. Thanks again Sephi for sharing these!

Please check back again tomorrow for Sephi's final project!

Guest Artist - Catherine Duffy Part 2

Darkroom Door - Monday, November 03, 2008

Need some new jewelry? Check this out!!

Robot Necklace



• Dark Blue Polymer Clay, I like Sculpey
• Darkroom Door Robot Vol 1 & Vol 2 - Rubber Stamps
• Assorted Colours Rhinestones
• Assorted Lumiere Colours
• Stretch Elastic for Stringing


1. I made some practice bits to see how the stamps would work with polymer clay, to see what would happen to plastic rhinestones if you baked them, and to see if paper would combust at 130 degrees celsius. The answers… good, they melt and go bubbly, and no combustion. WARNING: If cooking cardboard into your polymer DO NOT WALK AWAY WHILE DOING IT!!!


2. When working with polymer clay it needs to be conditioned before shaping, this simply means rolling it between your hands until it is warm. I decided to make 10 simple rhinestone studded beads, so formed up 10 shapes, both square and round.


3. Press a rhinestone into each piece. Press each piece onto the robot stamps for texture. Use a fat needle make a hole through each bead. Put onto the bottom of a pyrex dish for baking. Don't bake polymer on any surface that you intend baking on later.



4. Roll out a big bit of polymer clay and flatten, stamp your preferred robot into clay. Use the fat needle to trim edges back to robot shape, then your fingers to smooth edges. Make sure you make a hole to string him, I strung him through his ears. Bake in your oven for 15 minutes at 130 degrees celsius, no longer. Set aside to cool.



5. I have used some 4mm brightly coloured crystal beads and strung it all together using the elastic. Use a surgeons knot to finish. This is the professional advice off a beading website I read, but it didn't explain how to do it, so I do a square knot (about 10 times.)


6. I painted my robot man with lots of different colours of metallic lumiere paint, and added a touch of it to each polymer bead.



…and here is the finished necklace…


…and here I am modeling my new necklace…


Thanks Cath for sharing your all of your colourful art and destructions (instructions) with us over the past few days!!! We love it! These necklaces look pretty cool, time for me to pull out some sculpey I think :)

Guest Artist - Catherine Duffy

Darkroom Door - Saturday, November 01, 2008

Cath-photoName:  Catherine Anne Duffy (nee Parr – after Henry VIII's sixth wife!)

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Lives: In a house inhabited by wildlife. But you probably meant where, so Earth! (The more sensible answer is Cooranbong, Australia.)

Known for: Owner of Paper & Stuff.

Blog, website or gallery:
Loves to:
Read, watch movies, do tai chi, sew, draw, paint, make glass beads, eat, garden, run two businesses, talk to customers, clean the house (occasionally), talk to my cats, dream…

Loves to create:
  Anything and everything, I'd like to have tried a bit of everything by the time I check out.

Favourite Darkroom Door product: At the moment the robots collection, love the tin bras on the girlie one. (can I say that?)  (yep!)

Have you ever been in a darkroom? Yes, when I was a junior in an advertising agency they used to give me all the bromides to shoot for the studio. Probably to get me out of their hair because I used to ask too many questions! Unfortunately for them I was quick at making bromides!

Let’s say you’re invited to come into our darkroom for a day. What would you bring with you?  Ummm, my cat Slinky she's a black cat, in a black-room. Could be fun for a while. Then if we got scared, we'd have each other! Maybe a torch and a book, and a beanbag…

Are you afraid of the dark?  Isn't everyone? I may be nearly 42, so close to knowing the meaning of life, but I cannot get into bed with the light off. The thing that lives under the bed might get me. Did I mention I live in a wildlife friendly house?

Cath has been busy with our new Robot Collection... here is her first creation, with more to follow over the next few days...

'Scan The Roses' Robot Canvas



• 6x6 inch Renoir Deep Edge Canvas
• Darkroom Door Robot Photochips
• Darkroom Door Robot Wordstrips
• Darkroom Door Robot Filmstrips
• Darkroom Door Pink Roses A4 Paper
• Lumiere Paints, Citrine Green, Pearl Emerald Green and Magenta.
• Assorted Versacolour Ink Cubes
• Black Braid
• Blue Feather
• Bright Green Bazzill Bling
• Coloured Daisies
• Multicoloured Bugle Beads
• Judikins Diamond Glaze
• Kaiser Rhinestones
• Sense of Humour

(Please Note – Some of the photos are a little blurry – this is due to taking the photos one handed at 4.30am one Saturday morning, and being extremely excited about the wonderful robot stuff to play with!!) Don't worry Cath - they're just fine!!! :)

1. Take one 6x6 inch canvas, splodge citrine lumiere all over as a rough base coat. Use bubble wrap to give a uneven effect. Do the edges of the canvas as well.


2. Put some pearl emerald green lumiere onto bubblewrap and apply 'texture' wherever you feel it needs it. Wait for it to dry. (While waiting you could start the necklace, the card or sing the national anthem.)


3. Apply magenta lumiere the same way. Squint as you do it. (that's always fun, and maybe that's what I was doing when taking this pic as it's blurry!!) You may think that I am being smart with the squint hint, but really I find its a good way to get things to balance.


4. While waiting for the magenta to dry, cut individual letters out of the robot wordstrips. I have chosen to write… "Remember to stop and scan the roses" combining the pearlescent rose paper with the robot collection.


5. I was really getting into the robot theme by now and decided to use the three lumiere colours and multi layer dots into a crater like effect. This takes quite a while to dry, especially if you do really big ones!


6. After that was dry I applied three different colours of versacolour inks to flatten the colours back a bit, turquoise, pinecone and a touch of gold.


7. Then I cut out the photochip pic I wanted to use, and matted it onto the green bazzill bling cutting a freestyle scallop pattern at the top, then adding a film edge from a robot filmstrip to the bottom of the matted pic. I cut a random scallop from the pearlescent roses, following the shape of the roses to add under the matted pic. I roughly sanded all edged, and inked a little and set all these bits aside ready to apply. Stick a bit of black braid at the bottom of the canvas with double sided tape just to tack it in place.


8. Make your self a cup of tea at this stage if everything's getting too exciting!

9. Using the judikins diamond glaze (dimensional magic works well too) paint the whole front of the canvas, then layer up the roses, matted photochip and feather. Apply diamond glaze over the top of everything.


10. Stick your individual letters onto the sticky diamond glazed canvas using a bamboo skewer, and float into position. Then cover with more diamond glaze.


11. It's time to embellish and add all the little pieces – another filmstrip top right, bright daisies, bugle beads, mini seed beads, rhinestones – and covered everything with… yes, more diamond glaze.


…and here is the finished canvas… (click on images for a larger view)


Great work Cath!!! We love it!!

Drop by tomorrow for more of Cath's artwork and quirky humour! :)

World Card Making Day - Photochip Cards

Darkroom Door - Saturday, October 04, 2008

Happy World Card Making Day!


Today I went over to the Erina Scrapbook Store to teach a couple of make & takes with our Robot Collection. The store was certainly a busy place today - as they had all sorts of fun activities and card making challenges and demo's and other make & takes going on! One my table we created two cards using the Filmstrips, Wordstrips, and the Photochips from the Robot Collection. Here's the cards we created with the Photochips and Wordstrips. Quick, easy, and fun!














As you can see, they are all the same basic design, but using colours and ribbons that co-ordinate with the colours in the Photochips. Also, the different words from the Wordstrips created a whole lot of fun too. I always say that it doesn't matter if you used the same card design for the whole pack of Photochips - as it's rare you'd be giving two cards to the one person anyway! Of course there are many other ways to use the Photochips too, just check out the Darkroom Door Gallery


Hope you are all having a creative world card making day!

Lunchbox Surprise

Darkroom Door - Thursday, September 25, 2008


A few days ago I put little surprise in my 7 yr old son's lunchbox. I made a little card using a Robot Filmstrip and one of the words from the Robot Montage. I wrote a couple of extra words so it said 'You are amazing', and also wrote a little message for him on the inside. I placed it on top of his food so when he opened his lunchbox at school he'd get a nice little surprise.

His reaction? He LOVED it! He said 'It was cool, Mum.'

These little cards also make great gift tags or cards for birthdays. They're so quick and simple to make too. There's both boy and girl robots on the Filmstrips and Montage, plus some 'friends' robots, so there's something for everyone.

Go make someone's day!

Robot Vol 1 and Robot Vol 2 ATC's

Darkroom Door - Friday, August 29, 2008

Now for something a little more funky...

From DDRS014 Robot Vol 1 in the Robot Collection:


Created with one of the Robots from this collection (my fave robot actually. Look at those eyes! They make me laugh!) The background was created with alcohol inks. There is much more to this set that I couldn't include on one ATC, which is the story for all of these ATC's. Can't give everything away all at once, can I?

Here's one made from DDRS015 Robot Vol 2 in the Robot Collection:


One for all you funky chicks out there! I've stamped these directly onto coloured backgrounds, but you could also stamp these onto white cardstock and colour them in. Lots of fun to be had with these two sets!!